Indian children learn to program online

More and more Indian children learn to code online, courses could also be exported in this country. Shivank Patel, 9 years old, living in New Delhi learned to code online for a year. In 5th grade, Patel built a number of applications, including one to donate food to street children. She was born premature with a birth weight less than 1kg. So, Patel is also building a platform to help doctors keep track of preterm babies. Online programming classes for elementary school students were popular in India before the outbreak of Covid-19. Parents have a need for their children to […]

Indian Teacher Awarded Global Teacher Award

Mr. Ranjitsinh Disale (India) won the global teacher prize worth one million USD according to the announcement on December 3rd of the organizing committee of Global Teacher Prize 2020. Ranjitsinh Disale is a primary school teacher in India. In 2009, when he came to work at Zilla Parishad Primary School, Paritewadi Village, Solapur City, Maharashtra State, he realized he needed to do something to increase the percentage of girls going to school because most girls marry in their adolescence. year. The curriculum is not in the native language (Kannada) that many students cannot learn. Ranjitsinh learned Kannada language to redesign […]

US Secretary of State to India calls for coordination in dealing with China

China opposes US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo repeatedly spreading the threat from China, when Pompeo and US Secretary of Defense Mark Epser visited India to sign an important military agreement. Speaking at a press conference on October 27, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman criticized US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo for repeatedly stating the so-called threat from China. “We urge Mr. Pompeo to give up “Cold War ideology” and stop mentioning ‘the threat from China,” Wang said. Pompeo and Defense Secretary Mark Epser arrived in India on October 26, when New Delhi had a tense border dispute with Beijing. Speaking […]

India declined the Sputnik V vaccine study proposal

The Indian pharmaceutical regulator has refused to conduct a large study to evaluate Russia’s CoV vaccine – Sputnik V in their home country. Before that, the Indian pharmaceutical company named Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories proposed to the Drug Administration to research and evaluate the “candidate” of the Russian Covid-19 vaccine, but it was rejected. The Indian Drug Administration suggests that some additional clinical trials should be performed. A panel of experts under the Central Pharmaceutical Standards Control Organization (CDSCO) has made recommendations, noting that Sputnik V’s safety and immunogenicity data are from phase studies. The head being made abroad is very […]

The Indian actor died at the age of 34

Sushant Singh Rajput, an Indian actor born in 1986, committed suicide at an apartment in Mumbai. According to Indiatimes, the police discovered the actor’s body on June 14. Authorities have not found the suicide note and are investigating the cause of his suicide. According to  Filmibeat, he has been treating depression for the past half year. A week ago, the actor’s manager – Disha Salian – died from falling from the 14th floor. Authorities have not yet announced Disha Salian’s death due to accident or suicide. Narendra Modi – Prime Minister of India – writes on Twitter: “Talented young actor […]

India’s Ministry of Finance proposed a ban on bitcoin

According to the Economic Times of India, the Ministry of Finance of this country has plans to propose a bitcoin press order. The news comes months after the Supreme Court of India rejected the ban on cryptocurrency trading imposed by the Central Bank of India (RBI). It seems that the Indian cryptocurrency market has found the light at the end of the tunnel. However, recently a draft law has been proposed to the Government that states that Bitcoin’s role in money laundering and terrorism financing. A senior government official revealed that the Ministry of Finance is currently wishing for a […]

Top 10 impressive facts about the country of India (Part 3)

7. The most responsible man in the world – Selvakumar Selvakumar has married a female dog named Selvi for her crimes. Specifically, at the age of 18, he killed 2 dogs and hung them from a tree. Not long after that, his limbs were almost paralyzed. A fortune teller said that he was like this because of the crimes he committed in the past and gave him a solution that was to marry a dog. 8. Country of traffic jams and traffic accidents India is ranked as the country with the most traffic accidents in the world, the main reason […]

Top 10 impressive facts about the country of India (Part 2)

4. There are many super cities There are about 23.3 million people living in New Delhi a very large number, the population of this city alone is many times the population of some other countries. And the capital Mumbai also has a population of up to 23 million, Kolkata has a population of about 16 million and there are many other major cities with a large population, extremely impressive numbers. It is inevitable that there are so many people in such urban areas, congestion in people’s lives. Despite natural disasters, the number of human damage is still small compared to […]

Top 10 impressive facts about the country of India (Part 1)

Top 10 facts below will help you have a new perspective of India. This is a country with a long tradition and there are also countless stories about the gods about this country’s beliefs, the gods are considered the supreme who always exist in everyone’s life. 1. The population may surpass China by 2022 China is a country with rapid economic growth, products for reproductive nutrition have received a lot of attention and China and India are the two countries with the largest number of populations in the world gender. According to some information and projects that have been put […]

IMF: India is the fastest growing major economy in the world

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) forecasts that the Indian economy will reach a growth rate of 7.5% in 2020. The IMF assesses that this South Asian nation continues to be the largest economy with the fastest growth in the world. The IMF provides these forecasts based on the assessment that investment and consumer spending have been in a period of strong recovery, in the context of the Indian Government adopting an open monetary policy stance broader as well as favorable financial policies, thereby helping create momentum for the economy. In 2018, India’s economic growth reached 7.1%, compared with 6.6% of […]