All About Beads and Indian Bead Jewelry (part 1)

The traditional beads of India cover a wide range of materials, styles, and treatment processes – from hand-carved wooden beads to tiny glass seed ones. India’s bead art is said to be 5000 years old and dates back to Indus valley civilization when people made beads out of gold, silver, ivory, clay, and even wood. India is among the largest bead producers all around the world. The glass beads we use nowadays were not found in India until 1700 and were only available in the kingdom of Saurashtra. With new tools in the modern industry, the artisans have the ability to create newer types of beads with various colors and imaginative work.

Gujarat beads

Gujarat is most famous for its beads. Gujarat’s artisans are specialized in stitching different beads types on clothes to enhance their appeal and make them more beautiful. The beads rows are swirled to form floral and geometrical shapes. The artisans themselves also convert the beads into fabrics. This work takes a lot of time, energy, and skill. These beads can be used to make some articles like bags because they are firmly and closely stitched together.

Kashmiri beads

Also known as Bollywood beads, Kashmiri beads are made from manufactured resin, instead of mixing natural lac resin and marble powder. They are hand-decorated by using various materials for embellishments like seed beads, rhinestones, mirror chips, and silver plating. Kashmiri beads are very attractive, attention-grabbing, and as unique and original as the people who create them. These beads are durable and strong, don’t soften on heating, use a single color base, and have metal frame holes.

Maruti beads

Maruti beads combine Kashmiri beads with silver plated side caps. They involve a long time-consuming production process because of their unique and extraordinary design. Maruti beads amp up the color and bling. The sizes and colors of these beads are spectacular and vast ranged. Whether covered in mirror, rhinestones, glitter, or a combination of these, the creations are always as excellent as focal beads.