Best Beaches in India

India is a beautiful country with many gorgeous beaches, which is not surprising since they have over 4,600 miles of coastline. There are all types of beaches from family-friendly ones to ones with famous full-moon parties. Here are some of the best beaches in India and their locations.

Palolem – Goa

Goa is well known for having some beautiful beaches, and that is why many tourists flock to the area every year. The northern beaches of Goa are where you will find the famous Goa party scene with full moon parties and tons of nighttime activity, which can be loud and hectic. However, further south is Palolem, which is more family friendly and laid-back and this is especially the case considering there is no live music after 10 PM. The beach is very picturesque with coconut trees to the palm forest, and besides being relaxing, there are many places to experience yoga and Ayurveda massages. Also, besides the many activities and places to eat on the beach itself, there are also many day trips to be had, such as dolphin sightseeing tours, and there are very interesting wildlife sanctuaries a little inland with no lack of fascinating wildlife.

Tharangambadi – Tamil Nadu

Tharangambadi roughly means the land of the singing waves and is located in the southern part of the country in the Bay of Bengal. The beach is attractive, and the town is also great to visit with many monuments and churches from the time when the Danish and British had control. The beach is very nice with lots of things to do and is family friendly and can get pretty happening as well. Fort Dansborg is an interesting attraction that overlooks the bay and all around the town and the beach there is no lack of places to find great Indian food and especially great seafood.

Gokarna – Karnataka

Gokarna has powdery white sands up to the gorgeous blue water, and this makes the area popular with backpackers. Kudle and Om beach has nice coves and many cafes along the coconut covered coastline. By boat, you can get to Half Moon Beach, which is very secluded, and just a little further south is Paradise beach that is locally run with fantastic food from the shacks on the beach and then you can relax on the many hammocks.

Tarkarli – Maharashtra

The Tarkarli region located on the southern coast of Maharashtra has white sand not only has some great beaches but interesting sea forts and backwaters. This area is well known for scuba diving, and snorkelling with the pristine water and one of the more popular attractions is the 17th-century Sindhudurg Fort, which is around a 45-minute drive from Tarkarli.

Minicoy – Lakshadweep

Lakshadweep means 10,000 islands, but there are really only 36 of them with gorgeous tropical scenery, and the beaches are very secluded. There are many beautiful small coves and the more south you go in the islands, the more secluded they are. There is great snorkelling and diving in the coral reefs, and there is a British built, circa 1885, lighthouse on the small island of Minicoy itself.