The Indian actor died at the age of 34

Sushant Singh Rajput, an Indian actor born in 1986, committed suicide at an apartment in Mumbai. According to Indiatimes, the police discovered the actor’s body on June 14. Authorities have not found the suicide note and are investigating the cause of his suicide. According to  Filmibeat, he has been treating depression for the past half year. A week ago, the actor’s manager – Disha Salian – died from falling from the 14th floor. Authorities have not yet announced Disha Salian’s death due to accident or suicide. Narendra Modi – Prime Minister of India – writes on Twitter: “Talented young actor […]

Statistical view of the CPL predictions in 2019

Jamaica Tallawahs will take on St Lucia Zouks in the 9th match of CPL 2019. Most of the expert CPL predictions for this match are likely to predict a JT win. One reasonable explanation behind a clear favourite is the betting odds for the specific team’s win. Who will win – Probabilities In this context, the betting odds for Jamaica Tallawahs are 1.57 while SLZ has odds of 2.38. The betting odds represent an indicative probability of a team’s win. Going by these odds, Jamaica Tallawahs have a 63.69% chance of a win, while the probability of a win for […]

Interesting Facts You May Not Have Known about Indian Music and Indian Musicians (Part 1)

India has one of the world’s oldest musical traditions and heritage. Its origin can be found in the Vedas (ancient scripts). Indian music, known as ‘sangeet’,  has got a unique and various style when being compared to the world’s other music forms. In the earlier days, as Indian music was just coming of age, it was devotional in nature, being used for ritualistic purposes and restricted only to temples. The most prominent folk music forms are Maharashtra’s Lavani, Punjab’s Bhangra, Gujrat’s Dandiya, Bengal’s Bauls, and Sufi form (Devotional music) Qawwali. Nowadays, Indian music is dominated by Bollywood and pop music. […]

Top 6 Best Casinos in India to Try Your Luck

  Gambling is restricted in India but Goa is one of the places where gambling is legal in this country. Casinos in Goa contributed a pretty amount to the state revenue and home to some top casinos for visitors to try their luck. Deltin Royale Located on a boat in the river Mandovi in Panjim Goa, Deltin Royale group has the largest casinos and integrated resorts of India. The Deltin Royale has opened a new land casino in Daman, too. Casino Pride Offering the best gaming in India, Casino Pride is the most trusted brand Casino in Goa. Casino Pride […]

Holi in India – History, Mythologies, Legends & Beyond (part 1)

In India, Holi is the time of the year which raises a toast to the diversity of the country. Holi festival has glorious past aging back to the Puranas. A very long time ago, it was told in the books of Purana, Hiranyakashipu that the demonic King of asuras earned a boon which gave him 5 magical powers. He can’t be killed by any human or any animal, whether at day or night, by Astra or Shastra, indoors or outdoors, and finally, on land, air, or water. However, his son Prahlada, who was a devotee of Vishnu, was against his […]

India at the Olympics

  It is the 1900 Paris Olympics when India was first represented in the Summer Games. Norman Pritchard, the only representative from India, was able to win two silver medals, one in the 200-meter hurdles and one in the men’s 200-meters. Olympic historians agreed to award the medals of Pritchard to India in spite of the country’s lack of independence at the time. India firstly sent a team to represent them officially in 1920 and since then, they have been in every Summer Olympics in spite of the fact that the Indian Olympic Association was not established until1927. In the […]

The Nightlife in India

The Nightlife in India

What is the first thing you think about when you read the word India? You probably think of a big country, curry, Taj Mahal, Mumbai and curry again. Well, just like any other country, India has a nightlife apart from the traditional tourist attractions. From restaurants to clubs, the Indian people are always partying from early night, around 9 PM, to late night, up until 4 AM. However, unlike many other places, there is a law that the bars must abide by, but it does not stop the Indians! Although India is known for its architecture, cuisine and religions, there […]