India on Opening day of Weightlifting World Championships

India’s 19-year-old lifter Jhilli Dalabehera bowed out of the IWF World Championships in Pattaya with one valid clean and jerk attempt in the 45kg category.

Starting the competition with a 68kg attempt in snatch, young Indian prospect failed to get a clear lift in all of her 3 attempts which all but ruled her out of the competition.

Later in the clean and jerk, although Jhilli Dalabehera managed 88kg in her first lift, she subsequently failed in the following two as attempting 92kg and 93kg respectively.

The competition kicked off in Pattaya today with On Yun Chol becoming World Champion for the fifth time and he also set two world records, in the Clean and Jerk.

Winning moments

Meanwhile, Saziye Erdogan from Turkey won the gold medal with a lift of 169kg (77+92). Erdogan started with a 73kg lift in her first attempt in the snatch. Then she raised to 75kg in the second and finally managed 77kg in her third to end the segment on top of the charts.

Ludia Montero of Cuba stayed at Erdogan’s heels when lifting 76kg in the snatch, so she could never go past her as the clean and jerk came along.

Erdogan began the clean and jerk with a 90kg lift and later managed 92kg in her second before failing at 96kg in her third shot. Meanwhile, Montero could only manage 88kg and 91kg in her two lifts which saw her settle for a silver with a total of 167kg.

Valiant effort

Lisa Setiawati of Indonesia pulled off a fine show in order to lift herself from the seventh spot in the snatch to grab the bronze medal by the time the clean and jerk concluded.

Setiawati could only manage a valid lift of 70kg in the snatch; however, that didn’t deter her because she came out in full force in the second half and continued to have a fine time in the clean and jerk.

The 30-year-old lifter began with a 93kg lift and then eased through 95kg in her second. Her attempt at 97kg was ruled invalid but she had already done enough to win the bronze medal in the category.