Indian children learn to program online

More and more Indian children learn to code online, courses could also be exported in this country.

Shivank Patel, 9 years old, living in New Delhi learned to code online for a year. In 5th grade, Patel built a number of applications, including one to donate food to street children. She was born premature with a birth weight less than 1kg. So, Patel is also building a platform to help doctors keep track of preterm babies.

Online programming classes for elementary school students were popular in India before the outbreak of Covid-19. Parents have a need for their children to learn to program and use computers fluently because they think that knowledge of programming is as essential as language and math.

India is currently the world’s largest center for online learning. Start-up Byju’s offers the world’s most valuable online tutoring services in the educational technology business (edtech). The company is valued at $ 11 billion, successfully raising capital from many investors around the globe, including Mark Zuckerberg’s Chan-Zuckerberg Initiative (the head of Facebook) and his wife – Priscilla Chan.

Before that, India prided itself on being the country with the largest number of computer science certifications and the world’s largest cheap English speaking technology workforce. That is a favorable platform for India to export online programming lessons.

The company offers online classes WhiteHat Jr. technology. was acquired by Byju’s Company for $ 300 million in August. WhiteHat Jr.’s. currently has 120,000 paid users, half of which live outside of India. According to chief executive Karan Bajaj, customer demand is also increasing in the UK and Australia. “The whole world is a good market for online learning products,” he said.

There are many online programming learning packages for learners to choose from, from the 8-hour beginner package to the programming fundamentals, the 48 hour package for app building to the 144 hour package. Tuition fees range from 25 to 35 USD an hour.

WhiteHat Jr has an all-female teaching force of 12,000 teachers, mainly from India, some from the Philippines. Ayesha Siddiqua, 27, from the southern city of Hyderabad, quit her job as a dentist for 15,000 rupees ($ 204) a month to become an online programming teacher at WhiteHat Jr. Her monthly income reaches 100,000 rupees. From 14h, Siddiqua teaches children in Australia and India. After a break, she went online all night to teach students in the US and Canada. She has no intention of returning to dentist care.