Indian Government forces Indian sports behind closed doors

The money-spinning IPL launched a closed-door edition in order to avoid the cancellation since Indian sports went into quarantine after the government forces sports to keep fans out to prevent the spreading of coronavirus pandemic from.

The government directive is set to make sure that the Indian Super League football tournament final in Goa, the remaining two ODIs between India and South Africa in Lucknow and Kolkata, and the the Ranji Trophy summit clash in Rajkot will take place in front of empty stadiums.

On the IPL, although the BCCI maintained silent, the sports ministry dropped hints that it could take place in empty stadiums even when foreign players were ruled out until 15 April because the government had imposed travel restrictions. The event is planned start on March 29 in Mumbai.

The Ministry of External Affairs has also advised the BCCI that if the organizers want to go ahead, it is their decision.

This came one day after the organizers of badminton’s India Open, which started on March 24, decided that they won’t allow spectators to attend this year.

Additional, India’s Paralympic Committee decided to postpone all national and state championships until April 15, keeping in mind the directions of the government.

The fate of IPL would be discussed at the Governing Council meeting of the event on Saturday and the BCCI has decided to wait and watch policy until then.

Meanwhile, Sports Secretary said that sporting events in India can continue without the presence of crowds and the advisory needs to be followed.

On Wednesday, the government suspended all visas, barring a few categories such as diplomatic and employment, in order to prevent the spread of Covid-19 as cases across the country rose to more than 70.

The Indian Open golf tournament and the shooting World Cup are major sporting events that have been postponed so far in India.