Indian para-swimming team crosses the Catalina Channel in the USA

Indian para-swimming team, led by Limca Record holder Satendra Singh, made history by becoming the first from Asia to cross the Catalina Channel of the United States on Monday. Prior to this, last year, a swimming team from India also crossed the English Channel and four of those swimmers took part in this expedition, too.

Satendra Singh was named in Limca Book of Records for crossing the English Channel last year. He has become the first Asian swimmer to have successfully crossed both the English and Catalina channel. The athlete born in Gwalior is the first para swimmer to have crossed the Catalina Channel as well.

Speaking with Times of India, Satendra said that this was a dream come true for her. The best part was that they had completed the bath in twelve hours.

The swimming team began the 42 km challenge at 10.57pm from St Catalina Island and then completed at 10.30am at Rancho Palo Verdes of Los Angeles. They completed the challenge in a totally 11 hours and 33 minutes. Satendra has thanked senior bureaucrat P Narhari, sports director SL Thaosen, CEO of a Rupesh Verma school chain, VK Davas, and joint director (sports) Vinod Pradhan for supporting him.

This was India’s first para team to cross the Catalina Channel. The team has six members including Satendra and five others who are Rimo Saha from Bengal, Chetan from Maharashtra, Jagdish Chandra from Rajasthan, Gita Choudhary from Maharashtra, and Anjani Patel from Chhattisgarh. Rohan More was the coach of the team.

Catalina Channel of the United States is one of the most popular open-water marathon swims all over the world and equally challenging as the English Channel.

The total roughly 20-mile distance between the Catalina Island and California coastline makes up for one of the three swims, along with the Manhattan Island Marathon Swim and the English Channel, to achieve the Triple Crown of open-water swimming titles.