Sports Minister Promises Extra Financial Help For Indian Football Team

In an interview to All India Football Federation (AIFF), Union sports minister Kiren Rijijuu, declared that the Ministry of Sports of India would provide extra financial help wherever it’s possible in order to help Indian Football propel to the next level.

As talking on the sidelines of the match between India and DPR Korea in the Intercontinental Cup on July 14, the Minister of State (Independent Charge) Youth Affairs & Sports also said that they have seen some certain improvements in Indian men’s and women’s football in recent times and the Ministry of Sports will provide more financial help when it is possible to scout as well as nurture young talents for the professional training, and other events.

In addition, the minister expressed his affinity to the game and stressed the importance of better training and coaching facilities to uplift Indian football at the grassroots level. He also affirmed that the Minister of State (Independent Charge) Youth Affairs & Sports will provide assistance on that regard. The minister will provide the conditions that are required for better coaching, training, facilities as well as other demands which will be placed by the AIFF. He also claimed that they will always be there to support any kind of sports in India, especially football.

In terms of the women’s football, the minister praised the Indian women’s football team for its recent leap in the FIFA rankings, which were released on July 12. Meanwhile, the Minister of State for Minority Affairs Rijiju said “I have to compliment our women’s team for rising to 57 in the FIFA rankings recently. That’s such a huge jump. I am confident that the standard of our women’s team will rise further.”

He added into his interview that football is the top game in terms of popularity, reach, and size and they all will have to put a lot of effort to improve the nation’s football. He also said that football is a game which can be played anywhere, no matter it is a village or a city and he was very hopeful that the standard of Indian football would rise in the coming years.