Top 10 impressive facts about the country of India (Part 1)

Top 10 facts below will help you have a new perspective of India.

This is a country with a long tradition and there are also countless stories about the gods about this country’s beliefs, the gods are considered the supreme who always exist in everyone’s life.

1. The population may surpass China by 2022

China is a country with rapid economic growth, products for reproductive nutrition have received a lot of attention and China and India are the two countries with the largest number of populations in the world gender.

According to some information and projects that have been put forth, it has been confirmed that the population of India could face China in 2022, which will greatly affect countries where Indians will be at risk of migration to other countries as happened a decade ago.

2. Countries change the world

India has changed the world with its countless precious inventions. In mathematics, the Indians invented the “Arabic numeral” system. In addition to the decimal system, Indian mathematicians also had descriptions of the binary system from very early – around the 2nd century BC, as well as made great contributions in the field of trigonometry and solving level 2 equations.

3. Water has strange laws

There are very common laws in the host country, but it can be a joke if it spreads out of the country. Indian law is no exception. Here, nobody forbids you to commit suicide. However, if you commit suicide but fail, the risk of you canceling your schedule is not small at all. As a densely populated country facing a lot of consequences, India has a pretty effective way of curbing population growth. That is a fine of 10,000 rupees for those who have a third child.