Top 10 impressive facts about the country of India (Part 2)

4. There are many super cities

There are about 23.3 million people living in New Delhi a very large number, the population of this city alone is many times the population of some other countries. And the capital Mumbai also has a population of up to 23 million, Kolkata has a population of about 16 million and there are many other major cities with a large population, extremely impressive numbers.

It is inevitable that there are so many people in such urban areas, congestion in people’s lives. Despite natural disasters, the number of human damage is still small compared to the millions of people who still have to live in cramped cities to survive.

5. Superman heterosexual in the world – Prahlad Jani

Prahlad Jani is 82 years old this year capable of living by faith. He claimed that for 70 years, he had never touched a grain of rice or a drop of water and this confused scientists after a two-week survey that failed to give an explanation. For his part, he thought that he could do these things because the gods wanted him to be. He added that, in addition to the ability to live by faith, he did not sweat, did not need to sleep, but could sleep at any time and for as long as he wanted. He spent most of his life meditating.

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6. There are some of the most exciting elections in the world

With such a large number of voters, the elections must be very bustling, imagine with the second largest population in the world how many will be elected, let alone only a fraction but certainly more than the population of some other country.

India’s elections for success all depend on destitute poor people, but they still have faith in life, there are glimmer of hope that are what make them make up their success lives.