Top 10 impressive facts about the country of India (Part 3)

7. The most responsible man in the world – Selvakumar

Selvakumar has married a female dog named Selvi for her crimes. Specifically, at the age of 18, he killed 2 dogs and hung them from a tree. Not long after that, his limbs were almost paralyzed. A fortune teller said that he was like this because of the crimes he committed in the past and gave him a solution that was to marry a dog.

Top 10 sự thật ấn tượng về đất nước Ấn Độ

8. Country of traffic jams and traffic accidents

India is ranked as the country with the most traffic accidents in the world, the main reason is that the large population is concentrated in the cities and the infrastructure is not guaranteed. The roads are small and close to each other, causing traffic accidents to happen continuously, another problem with the road design not having many safety corridors, so the movement here is quite free, making traffic safety not guaranteed. said.

Just imagine on a small street with hundreds of people riding motorbikes, bicycles, tricycles, rickshaws, taxis or dusty roads with animals running around, babies running around. where people crossed the street crowded, homeless people slept along the roadsides. This really makes you feel suffocated and feel terrible.

9. The world’s “cleanest” festival – Kumbh Mela

The world’s only shared bathing festival, Kumbh Mela, is estimated to have one hundred million attendees each year. They made a pilgrimage to the rivers that were supposed to wash away their sins and help them escape the cycle of death and rebirth. Interestingly enough, during the most crowded times, this collective bath festival can be seen from space.

Top 10 sự thật ấn tượng về đất nước Ấn Độ

10. Shark fish live in the sacred Ganges river

One of the most interesting things about this is that little is known about a shark inhabiting the sacred river of the Indians. The constant river is known for centuries for its spiritual significance and the Indians believe that the Ganges helps protect and wash away their sins. People bathe in the Ganges river to cleanse their bodies from evil spirits, sin. Indians still believe that demons, water snakes, insects or other poisonous things cannot reach humans while under the Ganges River.

However, it is true that in the river there exists a shark species as a huge threat to hundreds of people bathing in this river. It is one of 5 species of dangerous freshwater shark, although very rare but it is also a potential threat to those bathing in the Ganges.