US Secretary of State to India calls for coordination in dealing with China

China opposes US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo repeatedly spreading the threat from China, when Pompeo and US Secretary of Defense Mark Epser visited India to sign an important military agreement.

Speaking at a press conference on October 27, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman criticized US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo for repeatedly stating the so-called threat from China.

“We urge Mr. Pompeo to give up “Cold War ideology” and stop mentioning ‘the threat from China,” Wang said. Pompeo and Defense Secretary Mark Epser arrived in India on October 26, when New Delhi had a tense border dispute with Beijing.

Speaking during high-level talks with his Indian counterpart on October 27, Pompeo kept his stance and reiterated the threat China poses to regional security. Speaking after the talks, Pompeo urged India to coordinate with the US to confront the threats that China poses with security and freedom.

The US and India formally sign an agreement to share sensitive satellite and map data. According to observers, the agreement paves the way for the US to provide more accurate intelligence about China to India, significantly improving its missile and drone strike capabilities.

Mr. Pompeo is currently on a five-day visit to India, Sri Lanka, the Maldives and Indonesia, promoting China’s strategy to contain Chinese influence in the region.

China did not welcome US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo’s visit to Asia. Last week, China’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs protested the US to put pressure on Sri Lanka, which has relations with China.

Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman also accused the US of continuing to sell weapons to Taiwan, after the US approved an order worth $ 2.4 billion, providing Taiwan with 100 anti-ship missile combinations.

China has announced an embargo imposed on US defense contractors, including Boeing, Raytheon and Lockheed Martin, for selling weapons to Taiwan.